Come and discover the lands of Jaén and the olive oil with the oleotourism pack

Jaén “The olive land”, this is a good description of a vast area of Andalusia to which many Spanish poets have devoted their most beautiful poems.
The province of Jaén, with its more than 60 million olive trees, it’s the top land related to the production of olive oil all around the world, its culture, the traditions around the farming, its peculiar landscape “a sea of olive trees”, humanized along many centuries, the production of olive oil in the factories, the traditional harvesting and the mechanical one, a tour to the Museum of the Olive Culture in Hacienda La Laguna, symbolic farm houses and the delight of its rich gastronomy bathed with the “golden liquid”, are some of the many activities that The Olive Routes can offer to you.
Our company, specialised on the olive culture, has been working for around a decade over oleotourism for all ages, groups or individuals.
We can design any type of service so you can enjoy this experience. Even if you are coming in groups or if you want to book a VIP service, for which we can use a luxury van.

Let us take you to our deepest roots, come and enjoy the olive lands.

Pópulo Servicios Turísticos y Culturales



Museum of de Olive Culture


Tours to Olive Groves


Tours to Olive Mills


Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) Tasting


La Ligá (Our own version of tapas)